CS 547 / ECE 547: Neural Networks (Fall 2000)

Text, Lectures and such

Instructor: Professor Barak A. Pearlmutter
Office: MechE 436.
Office hours: I'm always in. Officially: W 2-3.

Lectures: MW 5:30-6:45 TAPY 217

Text: Neural Networks for Pattern Recognition by Christopher M. Bishop, Oxford Press, ISBN 0-19-853864-2.

Syllabus and Notes

Mon Aug 21
Three paths to Neural Networks: Neuroscience:
Wed Aug 23
Cognitive Science: Engineering / Statistics
Mon Aug 28
Notes, thanks to Ben Jones.
Wed Aug 30
Wed Sep 6
Mon Sep 11
Intro to generalization (guest lecturer: Fernando Lozano)
Wed Sep 13
Generalization continued (guest lecturer: Fernando Lozano)
Mon Sep 18
Decision surface for equivariant Gaussians (continued).
Wed Sep 20
Posterior probability for equivariant Gaussians: sigmoid. Gradient descent for single-layer sigmoidal network.
Mon Sep 25
The method of backward propagation of errors.
Wed Sep 27
What Entropy means to me.
Mon Oct 2
Wed Oct 4
Mon Oct 16
Asymptotic analysis of deterministic simple gradient descent
Wed Oct 18
Deterministic gradient descent (continued) Assignment 3
Mon Oct 23 Optimization. Approximate line search using Hessian/vector product via R{backprop}.
Wed Oct 25
Convolutional networks: local group invariances, weight sharing.
Mon Oct 30
Tangent distance. Tangent prop.
Wed Nov 16
The ADOLC library for automatic backpropagification.
Mon Nov 20
Boltzmann Machines
Wed Nov 22
Relearning in a backprop net: Assignment 4.

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