CS 257: Intro to Non-Imperative Programming: Scheme!

Spring 1999, TAPY 201, MWF, 11:00-11:50


Important News

The 2pm Monday recitation section was moved to noon in TAPY 219. Unfortunately there was a major screwup, and registration was told that the 2pm was canceled and a new noon section was being created. Registration proceeded to disenroll everyone from the 2pm section.

If you're one of those people, please make sure you're enrolled for one of the recitation sections - we don't care which - you don't have to attend the one you're enrolled for, you can attend whichever is convenient. Also, there should be no fee associated with this, because it was a screwup. If registration tries to charge you, and refuses to listen to your explanation that you don't have to pay anything, please talk to Linda Cicarella (CS admin offices, 3rd floor FEC, NW corner) and she'll straighten it out for you.

Instructors and their Schedules

Your guides in the discovery of your inner lambda nature are Professor Barak Pearlmutter and his intrepid trio of TAs. For lecture, recitation and office hour locations and times, see the page on instructors and their schedules, which includes a table that allows you to see where to score your next Scheme office hour fix at a glance.

Please note that all of us enjoy shooting the Scheme bull outside of official office hours. In particular, feel free to drop by my lab and shoot the breeze. On the other hand, shameless grade grubbing should be confined to designated office hours!

Email and Web

To be in the class, you must email cs257-request@sweat.cs.unm.edu a message including your full name, your preferred email address, and your CIRT user id.

Details about the class mailing list are available on a separate page.

Extra Credit, Grading Policies, How to do well, Etc

Textbooks, Documentation, Scheme Implementations, and Related Material


The syllabus will be revised as the semester progresses, as I change my mind about how much coverage various topics should receive. Links to lecture notes, keys for the quizzes and problems sets, and other important material will be added at appropriate points.

Lecture Notes:

Rules for submission of Lecture notes:
Barak Pearlmutter <bap@cs.unm.edu>