CS341 S2002

Tue/Thu 12:30-1:45 MH 202
Instructor: Barak Pearlmutter, bap@cs.unm.edu, office ME 436, hours Tue 4-5, Thu 3-4, or just drop by anytime, 277-9738
TA: Leigh McGlinchey, leigh@cs.unm.edu, office FEC 335, hours Tue 3-4, Thu 3-4


Texts and resources

Lecture Notes


My late policy is reasonably consistent across time.

Class mailing lists

cs341@cs.unm.edu - for class discussion and random chitchat - subscribe if you wish, but it is not mandatory. (You can also set "digest" mode so you'll only get at most one big message/day. Subscribers may also view the archives.)

cs341-announce@cs.unm.edu - for official class announcements by the instructors only - everyone in the class must subscribe. (An online archive is available to subscribers.)

Final Exam

10am-noon Thursday May 9, MH 202.

If you would like to volunteer to pretest the final exam, please contact Prof Pearlmutter.

cs341-instruct@cs.unm.edu - will get to the instructors.