CS 451: Programming Paradigms

Learn some very different programming languages (Prolog, Java, ML, Haskell) and something about the formal study of programming languages.

Time: Mon/Wed 4:00-5:15
Place: ME 214, also available via ITV
Instructor: Prof Barak A. Pearlmutter
Grader and general helper: Shawn Stoffer
Office hours: Shawn Stoffer, FEC 327, 1-3pm Mon/Thurs; Barak Pearlmutter, ME 436, 1-3pm Tues; and by appointment
Prerequisite: CS257 or basic fluency in Scheme; programming experience; elementary data structures


Various detailed information


Assignments will be posted here as they become available.
  1. Scheme Finger Exercise
  2. Regular Language Processing
  3. Prolog I
  4. Prolog II
  5. Prolog Project
  6. ML Project
  7. Java Project
  8. Haskell Project

Barak Pearlmutter <bap@cs.unm.edu>